With still no sign of the illusive work permit and the savings seriously starting to dwindle my days have become mainly focussed around finding affordable ways to entertain myself.

The reading resolution has stepped up a gear since I joined the local library, which coincidently has proved far more cost effective than constantly downloading ibooks (plus you get to hold an actual real life book). I’ve finally caught up with 99% of London commuters and read ‘The Girl on the Train’ (brilliant!). ‘Behind Closed Doors’ while not my typical read proved absolutely addictive (divulged in a day) and likewise, although initially attracted to the book because of its cover (it had a massive cupcake on it), ‘Little Beach Street Bakery’ was so absurdly fluffy and sickly romantic that I couldn’t help but like it.

It was after reading said last book that I decided I should probably utilise this new found hobby more wisely and at least try and make it slightly educational (2 months off work does nothing for your brain). Hence going forth reading material must comply with the criteria that it can be identified as a ‘classic’ i.e.. I should have read it at school or it features on a list like this. So far I’ve poured my way through ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’, struggles with ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ and shed a tear for Lennie in ‘Of Mice and Men’ … next up is the ‘Bell Jar’ and ‘One Hundred Years of Solace’. I feel instantly more intellectual just writing the titles.

Other outcomes of forced time off;

  • I’ve taught myself to quilt. As a result of the previous week’s bad weather making me housebound I bought a second hand sewing machine on a whim (which subsequently broke so I had to buy another *shakes fist at craigslist seller*). After watching a few YouTube videos and a lot of patience my first creation turned out rather well. Results can be viewed below.
  • I fixed my bike. A vintage (to be read rusting) Dawes bike is pastel green. She has a new seat, peddles and basket in which I like to envisage myself transporting baguettes and puppies (although so far this has mainly been used for carting library books back and forth).
  • I have developed arm muscles and abs. Not just from carting all those library books (the library here apparently only stocks lead weighted hard back editions) but from the daily barre classes I have been attending. A mixture of pilates, ballet and yoga to pop songs – addicted.
  • I’ve fallen in love with cooking. After years of mono-ingredient dinners (think kale with a side of kale) I’ve discovered not only that I can cook, but I actually quite enjoy doing it. The husband is particularly happy with this revelation. Last week’s meals included moussaka, sautéed garlic and spinach shiitake mushrooms and courgette and kale bake. Insert smug face.
  • I feel healthy. This one probably sounds a little bit pathetic, but for the first time in ten years my body actually feels as it should. Based on a combination of the above two points, the Californian weather and a slowdown in my pace of life my body is working like it’s supposed to. My skin is glowing, I’ve put on weight and I’m sleeping through the night. Not only that, but I’m really happy. And on that note…

Until I have enough material for another post.




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