Things I’ve learnt about America this week…

  • Americans love cheques. Or checks as they prefer. When the bank asks if you would like a check book, don’t laugh in mock astonishment that these relics still exist, say yes please. (But don’t accept a second book otherwise you will be charged)
  • Doing laundry is expensive. American’s don’t tend to own a washer and dryer. Instead most apartment blocks come with a shared laundry. The machines are coin operated and work on quarters. Ours costs $1.75 for each wash AND dry meaning wearing clean cloths is pricey. This also means gone are the days of separating colors – just chuck a color catcher in there and hope for the best. Needs must.
  • When someone says ‘Press the pound key’ they mean this; # (the hash key) NOT £. Worth knowing if you don’t want automated phone calls to last an eternity.
  • Fancy a coffee? Want a white Americano? Ask for an Americano with room (for the milk…duh). Which also bring us onto …
  • As with everything over here, there are hundreds of options. To break it down;

0% or skim milk = skimmed milk (the red one)

1% or 2% milk  = basically semi skimmed (the green one)

Whole = full fat (the blue one)

Half and Half = half milk, half cream … do we have this in the UK?

Then there’s this thing called creamer, which I originally thought was just 100% cream (mmmmm) but after research found out this can scarcely be called cream. It is  basically a lot of sweeteners, sugars and synthetic oils  = not good.

Also it’s worth opting for organic milk when possible. Certain hormones and growth hormones, which are illegal in Europe, are commonly used in the American dairy industry = really not good.

To be continued!



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