This week has been all about…

  • Pilates – I signed up. $40 for unlimited classes and I’ve been most days *insert smug face*. The teacher is this ripped 50+ Californian BABE. I can’t wait to look like her (no seriously). Last class she congratulated me on my strong core and I was content for the rest of the day.
  • Starbucks – to be fair last week and the week before that were also all about Starbucks. It’s become my second home . They now my name (although the spelling leaves a lot to be desired). It is literally the busiest place in town. There’s always a queue – which says a lot as we are currently residing in snoozeville.  And let me tell you; Americans LOVE their Starbucks. They see it as a personal challenge to out order each other – adding an extra shot with a side of soy and sprinkling of syrup on most things. In fact I learnt about this; http://starbuckssecretmenu.net/ after a discussion with Geo (Starbucks bff) which has blown my mind. The side effect of spending my days in Starbucks is that my savings are slipping away on lattes and cream cheese bagels. I’ve also developed an unhealthy caffeine addition – however there’s something reassuring about being surrounded by lots people.
  • Trader Joe’s – Yay! We’ve finally found a grocery shop we can afford and which doesn’t take half a day to navigate! Their organic fruit and veg game is bang on …as is the drinks aisle. Plus the staff are really friendly and don’t roll their eyes when I’m trying to figure out the change (I’m looking at you Safeway’s …).
  • Reading – After my pity party for one last week I’m embracing the forced unemployment and have started a reading list. Back in London taking time out to read always felt like such a luxury and I never found I had the patience. Whereas over here its bliss – reading in the park, in the morning with a coffee (in Starbucks obviously) and at night before bed. I’m ploughing through my list, I might start doing book reviews – like Richard and Judy. Except alone. Because I have no friends. Which leads me too…
  • Making friends – or rather lack of. The sudden realisation that I am now without a squad is depressing. Especially when its 25 degrees and you want to be hanging out with people, BBQ-ing it up on the beach. Resorted to googling ‘How to make friends in your twenties’ and found myself signing up to Meetup on a whim. Am yet to pluck up the courage to RSVP – however watch this space. I foresee hilarious anecdotes on the horizon!

Until next week!




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