Although not technically my first weekend, as the last one consisted of spending 48 hours in Ikea, I’m going to go ahead and claim this one as weekend número uno in California.

I can quite remember how we spent Friday night, I’m therefore guessing this was a quiet non eventful affair, which probably included Netflix (my new best friend).

Following a tip off from ‘the guy at work’ The Husband proposed we get up early the next day to climb our local plinth of land; Mount Tamalpais. This sounded pretty awe-inspiring (our nearby ‘mount’ back home was aptly named Brown Clee) and the type of all American wholesomeness I had signed up for – so I was game.

As we both excel at the no plan plan; no exact time was agreed before retiring- hence ‘early’ transpired to be 11am. It soon became apparent though this wasn’t early enough as, by the time we had driven north to the mount, there was a distinct lack of parking. Not helped by the fact we were driving what can only be described as a small house on wheels, this meant we had practically driven to the top of the mountain before being able to park.

The hike therefore became more of a short jaunt however the weather was clear, the views were immense and the nature predictably awe-inspiring and wholesome. Whilst up there we tried to be all Zen and do some headspace inspired meditating, but a group of pesky kids and one overly excited eagle interfered with my ‘flow’. Nevertheless we descended feeling sufficiently more chilled out.  Tam tip: get up earlier than 11 am.

Attempting to mediate is hungry work so we headed back down the mount and to Tiburon for some late lunching at Sam’s Cafe. Set outside and right on the seafront this place is good – it’s a noisy mix of families, young professionals, students and couples seated on plastic chairs talking loudly, eating burgers, sipping beers/bellinis (with the odd few necking tequilas –it was 3pm. You go Americans!). There were lots of big groups getting rowdy which made me us both slightly nostalgic for our home based squads. Tiburon tip: go with friends.

Eager to experience Super Bowl city we then drove into San Francisco and parked up in the Marina. The Husband and I love this area – we spent a good few minutes cursing the long commutes and extortionate rents which mean we can’t live in some fancy apartment off Chestnut before getting over ourselves and grabbing a Starbucks. Walking down the front the sun was setting and the Super Bowl fans on good form, we were soon loving life again. Americans it appear love sports merchandise. Feeling slightly left out we started debating spending $50 on a Broncho’s jersey, before remembering that I was unemployed and couldn’t afford clothes anymore. Home time.

Sunday was the main event – it was Super Bowl Sunday so this meant sitting in a bar, drinking beer and watching the longest game of football ever. America I really did try, but with so many rules, whistles and advertisements my attention soon wavered. However the half time show went down a treat (lots of whooping and cheering from the females when Beyonce made that appearance). Also got to love the fact everyone in the bar got up to belt out the national anthem alongside Gaga. Patriotic and overly American – Loved every minute.

Until next weekend!

The Blondealien



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