So it’s been a week since I landed in California. In that time I’ve visited social security, the bank, Ikea (three times), Starbucks (more than three times) and the hospital (don’t ask). I’ve started calling the trolley the ‘cart’, asking for the ‘restroom’ and telling people to ‘have a nice day’.

After a year of planning, I’m here. Friends and family keep messaging – ‘whats it like?!’ ‘Are you having fun?!’ no doubt expecting exuberant replies. Truth be told, whilst it is lovely to be reunited with the husband, it’s a little bit of an anticlimax. With so much of the last months taken up with planning, packing and visa forms, I didn’t take much time to consider what it would feel like to actually be here.

Or what to really do with the next three months to fill. Hence this blog.

Hopefully this will become an award winning insight into living the American Dream and/or a humorously entertaining glimpse into the inner workings of a female away from home.

So hi world. I’m not sure I will have any followers or readers yet.

Realistically, it’s probably just me.

So hi me.


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